Every time you make an investment, you take a risk and plunge into the deep. However, every time you take advantage of real estate investment opportunities through Cashestate, you take a reduced risk. This is because the experts at Cashestate are consistently working hard to ensure your money is safe, and that the investment is solid. A lot of platforms and individual investors may throw caution to the wind and take vetting for granted, but we do not. Cashestate thoroughly evaluates and follows unique due diligence procedures to ensure that you’re investing in a relatively safe asset and generating consistent returns, in a stable currency. It’s after all better to be safe than sorry.

To protect and ensure returns for you, we make sure that we understand all aspects of the property. Thus, the evaluation process is broken into three parts:

  1. Evaluation of the market.
  2. Evaluation of the neighbourhood.
  3. Evaluation of the property.

In the first evaluation stage, we prepare a checklist of key factors to consider. These factors include the rate at which jobs grow in the area. Areas with the highest growing job markets and employment rates are usually good markets to invest in as they attract more tenants.  Markets with high occupancy also score more favourably than markets with low occupancy. So, a pertinent question we ask at Cashestate is, Are people moving to this area? or Are moving away from this area? We consider the age demographic in the area, and its ratio of older to younger people; an area with a younger concentration of people is usually a better market to invest in. We also analyse to find out the ratio of highly to barely educated people in the area. Cashestate is more likely to go for markets with higher rates of educated people. An area with a higher racial diversity also ticks the box as a good market than one with a huge population of a single race.  Because we want a property that is profitable, we also consider the historical growth of property in that market. Looking at accurate data, we investigate the history of and potential for growth in the area.

Once a market fulfils the above criteria, we move to the neighbourhood aspect of the analysis. Here, we evaluate the neighbourhoods in the market that will be suitable to invest in. The criteria we consider for neighbourhoods include which ones more people want to live in, which has better amenities, schools, and parks. We check for the quality of housing, safety records, home values, and many other demographic items that make some neighbourhoods more in demand and livable than others. Our deal staff even visit and walk around the areas to get that ‘cool factor’ that is hard to put into words and numbers. When we’ve identified the right neighbourhoods, we then search for and hone into properties available within them.

In the property stage, we establish a benchmark value or average price for properties. To do this, we determine the per square foot price of properties in the neighbourhood. Cashestate looks at comparable sales, rental rates, tax bills, and every other estimate that can be assessed. At Cashestate, we understand that it is imperative to compare properties across a range of metrics to gain a full picture of what is going on with properties in the market. Thus, we set our search on several databases to identify properties within the area that sell below the average price we set. In the event that there are no properties selling below that price, we don’t purchase any properties in that neighbourhood. Hence, for every investment opportunity we purchase, there are several more we have passed up. However, if we do find a property that falls below that price, we purchase the property, renovate to ensure that the property is in good condition and hand it over to a property manager who rents them out at the market price.

It is important to mention at this stage that another key step we take is vetting our property managers. Property managers are an integral part of the investment process because they handle the day-to-day activities relating to the property. It is thus important that they are well-versed and competent enough to carry on their duties. Before working with us, property managers are vetted for years of experience, their tenant verification process, a low eviction history, amongst other reviews.

Because this intensive and comprehensive process is geared at protecting you and finding the most attractive deals for you to invest in, Cashestate continues to closely monitor investments and general market behaviour throughout the lifespan of your investment and beyond. Once a year, we mark all the properties to their market price to get their current valuation, and at the end of the day, returns are maximized for our users so that Cashestate investors receive all the rental income streams and capital appreciation from their investments.

In return, we charge a simple 15% of all profits. We think all considered, it’s a fair deal and a win-win, and hundreds of our existing users agree. To join in this process, all you need to do is sign up, get familiar with our platform, and when you’re ready to start earning in dollars from a solidly vetted real estate portfolio, just fund your account in Naira. The minimum we can deploy is $1,000 but you can split this into $100 bits. You can also fund more than $1,000 to own a bigger slice of our properties. Once your account is fully funded, we will handle the rest.

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