Everyone these days wants to know how they can generate passive income. People keep asking me: How do I earn passive income? It's not surprising, the economy is not what it used to be and while incomes have stayed put, our expenses have continued to grow. Besides, one has to think long and hard about what happens once we are no longer able to work.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is basically income you generate from very little incremental labor because other people work for you or you have an asset that produces income no matter where you are or what you do. AKA, the dream.

This is similar but not quite the same thing as the side hustle, side hustles require you to actually work. Passive income makes money for you whether you're sleeping or not, whether you're traveling to Beirut or hanging out in your grandparents sleepy village. It's really the holy grail.

At Cashestate, we believe that generating passive income is fundamental to achieving financial freedom. That is, the very essence of financial freedom is having assets that continue to make money for you without you having to work. That is really our bread and butter, it's what we are here for.

Our investments have been designed to generate passive income for you. Once you invest in our platform, we deploy your funds into assets that produces rental cash-flow year in and year out, growing more valuable over time as we expand the portfolio, increase the rents and property values appreciate. Yes. Your Cashestate investments generate income for you as you hold them. You can withdraw this investment every quarter or you can reinvest them back into your portfolio to grow your investments faster. Totally up to you. And the best part is, all your investments and the returns they generate are completely in US dollars. Who else can say that?

Why is passive income important?

For a lot of reasons.

  1. Having your investments pay you while you hold them is a pretty convenient perk. Only dividend stocks do that, and when was the last time you got any dividends above 2% or a dividend at all? Our investments pay more than 5 times that, especially if you're a long term holder. That's money you can save, spend or reinvest.

2.  Secondly, there is no downside to earning in dollars in our current economy.              None. You want to hedge against a Naira devaluation, make money in dollars and      enjoy FX that is coming your way no matter what the Naira does, then Cashestate      is where it's at.

3. Third, we believe that while investing is great because it helps you put money              away for the long term future, we also think the wait can be helped by periodic            payments such as that we generate for you at Cashestate. Rather than wait three,      five or more years to see your returns, you can collect some earnings every                  quarter while your principal continues to grow in the background.

All in all, generating a passive income stream from your investments, in US dollars while still enjoying capital appreciation in the long term. This is one of the best investment opportunities anyone can offer and we are proud that we are able to offer this at Cashestate. Our returns have ranged from 10% to 13% annually. Sign up today and get started enjoying passive dollar income from your investments today.


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