As an investor, you often wish you had a crystal ball. Because who doesn't want to know which assets will make them the most money in the long run? Unfortunately, no such powers exist and no one can truly predict the future. What people can do, is make educated guesses based on their expertise, data, and experience about which asset class is likely to outperform the others given certain market conditions.

That is what Bankrate, an investment and financial data analytics and information platform, tried to do recently when it asked over 1,000 top US investors a simple question:
"For money you wouldn't need over the next ten years, which ONE of the following do you think would be the best way to invest it—stocks, bonds, real estate, cash, gold/metals, or bitcoin/cryptocurrency?"

The winner, by a really large margin, was real estate. Not stocks, which has historically been the best performer in these type of surveys. Not cash, because inflation is low. Not gold or metals. And not crypto. Good old real estate.

Why? Crypto is too volatile and no one is clear where the prices will go. Same is true of gold and metals. Stocks are currently so overvalued that some estimates suggest their returns will be roughly -4.22% on average for the next decade. And bonds too are very overvalued, especially since interest rates will not remain low forever.

That leaves real estate as one of the few appropriately valued asset classes with good returns expectations over the next decade. With economists already identifying real estate investments as safer than the stock market, and with the fact that our investments produce not only capital appreciation, but also rental cashflow in dollars for our investors, this means that when you invest in Cashestate, you're investing where the smart money is.

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